I’m very pleased to report that The Isle of Wight Labour Party raised £72.91 on behalf of 2 very important battle-fronts in the fight for our NHS.

Isle of Wight residents generously gave £116.31 at our February NHS event, and in donations in exchange for jams, chutneys and cakes. £43.40 covered some expense, the rest was kindly donated by Labour Party members.

The total has been donated equally between 2 fundamentally different campaigns, chosen because we believe they are crucial in fighting different aspects of the dismantling of our NHS.

The first is the legal challenge to the introduction of Accountable Care Organisations (an American style NHS takeover), essential to ensure the correct parliamentary scrutiny is applied before our NHS is reformed (can you believe we have to fight for it?).

The second is a public awareness campaign, the making of The Great NHS Heist, sequel to the movie Sell Off – The Abolition of Your NHS. We are donating to this film because we believe in the NHS professionals making it, and because we believe in the British Public. We believe when people discover what has been happening to our NHS, they will stand up and fight for it. Since our government are trying to introduce such changes without our knowledge or consent, a public awareness campaign of this magnitude is vital.

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I am so thankful for the campaigners, wonderful human beings who give up so much to try to make things better, to keep us safe and secure and healthy. They protect the health service we rely on, which in turn enables the heroes in our communities (the NHS workers) to protect things with no monetary price but all the value in existence, the most precious things: our loved ones, our friends, our families.

If it wasn’t for campaigners like the ones behind the 2 campaigns the Isle of Wight Labour Party have supported here, I would have no idea there is even a threat to our NHS. If the donation matched appreciation, it would be a blank cheque.

I am thankful to the Labour Party for facilitating the event, to the people at Aspire Ryde for their help,  To Dr Lyn Lansbury for giving such an informative and engaging talk, to the volunteers that made it happen, and to the people who attended, who made it worth it. Thank you too to the people who donated for jam, chutney and cakes.

I’m sure we will be holding similar events soon. I’ll keep you updated.