Toby Young has recently referred to disabled children as “functionally illiterate troglodytes with a mental age of 6”.
He used the grammar school slang term ‘stains’ when referring to working class students at Oxford University in an essay he wrote in 1987.
He has also been accused of abusive, sexist and misogynistic behaviour.
He has made ignorant and prejudice comments that demonstrate his contempt for people who are different to him.
He has no experience working with Universities.
Perfect for regulating British universities, then, according to the Tory party.
What kind of people do you want running our country? What values and qualities are important? Competence, wisdom, empathy, compassion, honesty? Humanity?
“Toby Young has absolutely no experience in the university sector, yet he’s helping to regulate the nations’ universities. There are loads of exceptional candidates, who’ve been overlooked, but they are not Tory pundits with strong links to Tory cabinet ministers. It does tell us how this country works, that a lot of people with very limited ability, because of who they know, can make it to various powerful positions.” – Owen Jones
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